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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mom fail/mom win

I can't believe that I last some days!!! 
I woke up this morning ready to win the day. I got kids out the door to school on time, bellies full of breakfast, lunches and homework in backpacks with my kindergartener in appropriate pink and purple for color day. Once they were off, I cleaned out and organized my bathroom drawers, got the two littles dressed and ready, me showered/ready, started a load of laundry, got the dishes loaded, beds made and began cleaning out my sock/unders drawer. Then I took May to preschool orientation...

She is beyond ecstatic!!! Cannot believe we just have a few more sleeps till the real deal, not just the teaser. 
Took some bike gloves of Jeff's to a friend for mending.
Ran to the RX for Alex's meds.
Then ran back to the school to pick up my kindergartener.. 
Made it home to do my friends hair and this is when everything fell apart... 

Ryleigh has a Beta fish named....(I actually don't know it's name) in her room. Asher has pulled the full tank, fish and all, onto the floor once and dumped the entire contents of three jars of food into it last week. Thank goodness Beta are generally very tough fish. We realized that because it's low enough to reach, we obviously need to find a better location, or get a lock for Ry's door. Yesterday, at Home Depot we found a child lock we hoped would work. We have levers instead of knobs, which is why my tricky 15 month old baby boy can get into her room. 
Why yes, Asher can open all the doors inside our house. Who's dumb idea was levers? Well, it was mine, they are esthetically pleasing after all. We didn't have children when we built our home. How was I supposed to know this bit of critical information?
The child lock did not fit.
We did move the fish tank back to Ry's room last night because we assumed it would be safe until we could get another child lock that did fit today. 
Ashy is happy to play in the playroom downstairs while we are working away. He must have noticed we moved the tank, because he once again pushed the tank off of the little table. The older kids come running to the salon to tell me. I grab towels and a little cup of water and run down stairs.. At first I can't even see the fish.. I am pretty sure it's a goner. I notice it, but stand there like an idiot because I don't know if I should pick it up with my bare hands or try and scoop the little sucker into my cup of water. I ended up doing a combo of both when the fish starts to freak out when I touch it. 
The fish is saved for now.
 It might not be able to handle one more episode like this folks. Mom fail!! 

Now that I have rescued the fish, cleaned up the water mess and the kids are playing sweetly together again. I go back to doing my friends hair. 

I kid you not, ten minutes later we have another crisis as May comes in telling me Ashy now has a stick. I have no clue what she is talking about.. Asher strolls into the Salon with two mouse glue beds stuck to him. (For crying out loud, I hate that we even have to have glue beds. Eeeewwww, I can't stand mice) One is stuck to his front the other is stuck to his hand. Should I cry or laugh??? I grab my phone to document, otherwise I am pretty sure you would think I was making this up. I tried wax remover, Medical detachal, and baby oil. It was a sticky mess.. Mom fail. 

As soon as the kids made it home from school,  we ran to the store for a baby gate and some new fish food. We might be in the market for a new fish. 

Ryleigh did head off to her very last Activity days activity. Tomorrow, she goes to her first YW activity. WHAT??? Crazy right? And she has her first student council meeting. Then her twelfth birthday on Thursday.. 

One other crazy thing happened.. I started going over spelling words with Gator tonight. Eden was working on her letters. I told Gator that his spelling words looked tricky this week and we might need to work extra hard. He said he thinks he could manage and to fire one at him, so he could be the judge of the difficulty. I read through the words and decided to go with the word yellow. Well Alex begins Y-O-L.. I stop him and say try again, this time I emphasize yell in yellow.. He try's again. Y-E-L-O. Clearly frustrated at her brother Eden spells yellow, Y-E-L-L-O-W.. Then sings the little yellow song and blows us both away. She is paying attention in school. Watch out Mrs. Mac, she is going to rule kindergarten. After that Gator only missed two other words. Go Gator!! 

I just barely made it through the day today.. 

Important lesson:
#1. stay-at-home-working-moms are super busy and need to wait until their short people are sleeping before taking on a client. I cannot believe people think we lay around and eat Bon bons, hopefully that myth is dispelled by now. 
#2. Move the fish
#3. We all survived which is really a mom win. 

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