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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How handy was that!

After sending Ry to pre-school today, I came home for a super cleaning extravaganza. I really like to clean, especially my house. It relaxes me and make me feel really good. Almost like I accomplished something visible and tangible. I am a huge fan of the Fly Lady who says that "Even housework done poorly, blesses your family" So as I set my little timer and flitted around to various tasks, I had one problem. What do I do with Gator? I thought to myself; "self, we need the boy contained and happy" Contained and happy is just what I got; some trucks, and some books in our dry, newly scrubbed, jetted tub to zoom and play while I scrubbed the cameoed and the sinks to my hearts content. There it was all the time. We have a three butt-er, so there was more than enough room for all of his fun. I also let Ry wear her outfit today. Here is the link to the twirly skirt and here is the link to the leg warmers go to the side and click leg warmer tutorial. fun! I want to see links to your blogs of things you made too.... I found a new tutorial today that I can't wait to give a shot. I will hold you in suspense until I finish a couple. Until then (or sooner!)
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Natalie said...

So dang cute...and so resourceful too!
Nice job mommy! I am so with helps me stay sane too!

Cynthia said...

I was totally NOT with you until you got to the Flylady part. I hate to clean but I love a clean house. Go figure.

Anyway, the flylady timer thing is the perfect cure for my scattered ADD cleaning style. Keeps me on task and gets me through them faster. I don't keep up with her e-mails and such anymore but my day usually starts with the 'morning routine'.

Oh- and I love the ties in the post above. You sure know how to find/make interesting stuff!