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Saturday, January 10, 2009


I just wanted to report that Gator tested out of his early intervention program. This is a little bitter sweet for me as we loved our therapists with all our "Hearts". As Julie was pulling out of the drive, I welled up. Gator tested on a 22-24 month scale for almost everything, he has a little motor skills to catch up on, but at the rate he is going we are in TROUBLE, especially since now he is ahead of the game at 20 months. I thought for sure we would have speech issues. You know, I am comparing him to my Ry who has no trouble communicating her precocious little self(Cutie Pants). Amazingly he has done very well with his words. He is half and half now. Signing half of his vocab and vocalizing the rest. His most recent word is truck. When he first started saying it, it sounded more like CRap. Hahaha... We are driving down the street and all I can hear from the back is Crap, Crap, crap. I would say "yes honey, that is a bad driver. No, that wasn't a smart move, was it?" and so on.

Speaking of back seat drivers..... Remember that little girl that can clearly communicate. She is THE WORST!!!!! back seat driver. She tells the slow cars to "get going", and "crazy driver get off the road", and "what is taking sooooo long"... She is hilarious.

Last. We got Gator's medical ID bracelet and I am taking pictures of it's cuteness...

Post them soon. FRILLS


Angie said...

YAY GATOR!!! Way to Go Buddy! You are such a handsome little dude and smart too! Ry, I think you and JS need to hang out, he does the same thing as you in the car!

Andrea said...

Congrats and watch out! Ry sounds like she's been riding in my back seat! That all the kind of stuff I say when I drive! :) Watch out once she's 16! And I love the "crap" new word. Totally made me laugh!

Happy New Year guys!

Stephanie Ellinger said...

Yeah for Gator! I'm trying to teach Nathan to actually progress to where he should be. We just started physical therapy and speech is going to start next month. I love the feeding therapist... just wish Nathan did too!