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Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's in your wallet?

I got tagged by Melissa to tell what's in my wallet (bag, purse, diaperbag, etc.). Since my purse is in my diaper bag, you're going to get it all!!! Here goes!!!

1. 4 Similac powder packets
2. 1 entire package of Similac power packets
3. 1 bottle of water
4. 1 clean bottle
5. a container of diaper wipes
6. 3 size three diapers
7. 1 pair of blue stripey socks
8. 1 black and blue beanie
9. 1 "B is for Bus" blue onesie
10. 1 Safety First dirty diaper bag dispenser
11. 1 bottle Tylenol infant drops
12. a "Put me in the Zoo" boardbook
13. 1 cute Fisher Price toy Grandma bought
14. 1 nasal bulb syringe
15. a polka dot alligator toy
16. Grandma's pick that Ryleigh stole
17. Dr. Smith's diaper ointment
18. Lush Lip Gloss (pink sparkly!!)
19. pencil
20. Toothette mouth moisturizer
21. Avagard-D hand sanitizer
22. a squeaky alligator toy
23. a stolen toy from Target (long story)
24. my Travelon - in my Travelon: toothbrush, a pair of tweezers, little spray bottle of water, thermometer, thermometer shield, comb, six alcohol prep pads, 2 hair ribbons, 2 clips, small pill container full of hair elastics, 5 safety pins, 8 bobby pins, velcro cuff, Tylenol, bandaids, tendergrips, $1.00 in change, 3 zip lock bags, 2 disposable plastic gloves) WHEW!!!
25. Purell sanitizer
26. business cards
27. Valentines M&M's
28. 3 face masks,
29. Maxi-Pad (with wings)
30. Travel Aleve container with 4 pills
31. M&M Minis
32. Gum wrapper
33. Nuk slow flow nipple
34. Stride Gum
35. Tic-Tac container with 1 Tic-Tac
36. 2 barbie stickers
37. a sharpie, a pen, and a baby spoon
38. another toothbrush
39. chapstick
40. 2 3x5 cards (1 folded and written on)
41. a mint wrapper
42. another empty gum wrapper
43. Now for my purse, here goes!! A half eaten bag of Skittles, keys to the Honda, keys to the Toyota, key to Grandma and Papa Homer's, key to Papa Homer's truck, mail key, key to the house, 2 sided mirror (one side magnifies), OPI lotion, a hair elastic, a key to Taylor-Andrews, a tube of lipstick I stole my from mother-in-law, a tube of Bath and Bodyworks menthol lip balm, DoubleMint Twins mints, $1.81 in change, a handy dandy leatherman, my hectic thoughts notebook, sharpie, card wallet, photo book with pix of the kids, 3 tithing envelopes with tithing in them that haven't been given to the Bishop yet, Alex's medical card, Ryleigh's medical card, Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon, another hair scrunchie, Mom and Daddy's checkbook, Alex's checkbook, my prayer notebook, 2 year planner/calendar, my cute little wallety thingy with birthday money and checks to take to the bank, $35 in cash, a pen, skittles in the bottom that I'm now eating, an empty gum wrapper. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!

Tag, you're it!!!!!!!!!
Jen England, Terry, Jennylin, Mindy F., Heather C.

(Actually, this is Diane, Brynn's mother-in-law. I have been typing this as Brynn has emptied her bags. We can hardly see through the tears as we laugh our guts out!!!!!)

That's all folks!!!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like the largest diaper bag ever! You are very very prepared for whatever may come.

Andrea M

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious. I think the most revealing facts were that you had two stolen items.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow Brynn! I am so proud of you for caring an emergency preparedness kit with you everywhere you go! Just kidding! I crack up at all the stuff in your bag!

Anonymous said...

I want to say thank you for several of those items which we were so grateful that you had! A couple to note, much needed gum for Emily in PCMC branch sacrament meeting & stickers for entertainment, a crucial bandaid for Emily's owie,Which I think appeared after she realized you had cool bandaids! and a comb to fix her hair in the PICU waiting room before she went to get a picture with her brother. You are awesome Brynn! Thanks for being such a wonderful you! Can't wait to see you guys next weekend.

Anonymous said...

There is no way I can match that!! I think I have maybe 7 things in my purse. You know me!!!OCD!!!! You win, that is the funniest thing I have read in a long time!! LYL

Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you how glad I am that your a teacher in R.S. You are the best. I can totally relate to being nervous but you are so great. I was so excited when I walked in and saw that it was your week. You are so cute, I just love your personality and your lessons are FANTASTIC! Thanks for making my Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I was just waiting to read the Kitchen Sink! WOW, that is alot of stuff to carry around! I need to check out your biceps next time.

Heart Hugs,

Anonymous said...

What's with the theft? LOL!


Anonymous said...


i love that it's not just maxi pads

but maxi's with wings.