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Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Crafts

So ever since I found out we were having a girl I have been looking at cute things to make for her. I did this with Gator boy too, however, they just don't have much out there for boys.

So from left to right, top to bottom this is what the item is and were you can find the tutorial to make some yourself. Unless of course I made it up or there is no tute about it......

#1-2... this is one of those handy dandy car seat covers. I am not quite finished with it. I just need to sew on the Velcro and the bows and Wallllahhh! I am not crazy about the colors and think I might look for something else... But in the mean time I am using this... Here is the tutorial-

#3... Our car seat was in need of a major upgrade... But it doesn't expire for one more year. (yeah, did you know that they expire????) Anyway I know this voids the warranty but it needed it so bad. With the help of one of my amazing friends and neighbor we redesigned it. Sorry no tutorial on this project. It was kind of hard so I am not sure you would want to do it anyway.

#4... Binky bling..... I just made this up... Those little holdie-on-thingies are curtain holders with the hooky pulled off. Then I just beaded what I thought looked cute... Now those Binky's won't drop and get dirty. Here is another tute for the kind you can make with ribbon.

#5...Wrist bling..... Just bracelets for a little person...

#6... The Hooter Hider.... Okay these are priced way high in stores and boutiques. Especially when you need or like a bigger one. Here is the tute....

#7.... Hooded towels... I made two for the baby and one for each of my older kids. They don't get them until she comes so they can all have something new-ish. Sorry no tute on this.. My momma showed me how to make these years ago.

#8.... Baby shoes...Six pair.... 3 are not totally finished I need to sew on the snaps and the buttons on the outside... I am not sure if I can find the tute on these... I'll try.
(Julianne- Are you eyeballing a pair of the leopard print.. One if for your bean!!!)

#9.... ruffle socks..... Just plain old white baby socks that I crocheted a ruffle on...

I gotta keep these hands busy somehow... I made the crib skirt for her crib too, that is kinda boring so I didn't show it... I have a couple of other things in the works.. For some reason I don't feel much like working on them right now.....I just need to finish the shoes and car seat cover I started and then call it quits for a while right?

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Jenn said...

Wow! Love all of them, you have been busy. Your little lady is very lucky to be coming to such a wonderful and creative family!

Cricket said... have some talent lady!

J.B. said...

Wow. I am totally intimidated. I was just thinking that all the things I got told to do every day tonight in my birth class was a full time job, and I have crafted NOTHING so far, and I have ZERO children that currently need taking care of. Way to go.

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thelewisfamily said...

This is super random...I was at Julianne's shower and LOVED the shoes. I was just surfing through different crafting ideas and I can't even tell you how I found your blog. This is a fun list though! Thanks for including the links to things...I can't wait to try out some shoes!