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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Blessing of Eden

My mom is so amazing. I didn't want to ask her because I know she is busy.. But, when she offered and insisted I totally had no problem saying yes to her making this amazing gown. Do you drool at it too? I scanned the computer late at night while I was pregnant to find a dress I liked in a price bracket that seemed right. Nothing had this look without costing a bunch of money and maybe my right leg too!. I was going to have her blessed in my gown because I love it so much and that wouldn't cost so much. Then mom said she would make it...(Did you just hear the angels sing?) I love the Peter Pan Collar and the mini puff sleeve with the arm band, the cathedral length is my very favorite feature.... All the embroidery is hand stitched... Grandma you outdid yourself again. I should post a picture of Ry's so you can see her amazing dress too.
I contributed by making the headband and the bracelet.
Gotta love that face!

Her other grandma made the snugly blanket that she is wrapped in. Sooooo perfect with it's cute buttons and pink ribbon...
I love it too!
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Aimee Hardy said...

Gorgeous! Makes me totally jealous. Does she temporarily adopt grandchildren and make them beautiful things? j/k

Annie-Staten said...

She is sooooo beautiful! And her blessing gown is amazing!!!!

berrymom said...

Wow! What a precious keepsake. She is absolutely beautiful and precious! It was so fun to see you on Thanksgiving.

Mom of twins ♥ said...

That dress is so pretty! She looks so cute.