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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Making His Wish

At Make A Wish Place, Talking with the fabulous Annie. She describes the wish tokens. Everyone can make a wish with the Wish Tokens. Gator and Miss Ry at the pond ready to throw in their tokens.

Listening to the instructions about how to do everything. We had pizza and enjoyed the night together.
In this room Miss Natasha and Mr. Dwain put together a fun package for Gator and Ry. Ry got a Barbie especially dressed in Make-A-Wish clothes and a Easter bunny... Gator got a pin, hat, shirt, teddy bear, make a wish car, Frisbee, ball, gel stickers, and a Cars tent.

Then Gator got to put his wish in this magic cylinder that would be sent to the wish granting wizard.
This is the amazing wish granters, Mr. Dwain and Miss Natasha.

Now we are getting closer.... on the other side of that door..... The one that needs to be opened with the key that he has around his neck........ is the wishing room.
Gator was a little nervous of this room. It was very magical and he thought he better have daddy hold him a minute to protect him if he didn't like the wizard.
Each person wrote a special wish for Gator. This was an emotional part for me. Most were wishing he would be healthy and happy.

Then they placed his wish inside the cylinder in the wizards magic hat. (still nervous of the creepy wizard)
The music plays and the lights twinkle and change. The wish is sent off....

We will see if the wizard got Gator's wish and we will learn if it can be done.

The whole event is catered to the family. They even have a special welcome sign.
Here is the key to the wishing room and the token from the pond.

He was so excited about his tent that he wanted to sleep in it the first night.
He also couldn't wait to put the gel stickers up.

Each step into the wish process is terrific. This is an amazing experience for our little family.

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Melanie said...

We just sent off Peyton's paperwork for Make-A-Wish. It was so fun to read about Gator's experience and see what it's all about. Before I read this, I didn't feel like I really knew what all of it was about after reading their website. Thanks for posting it! I hope he gets his wish and I can't wait to see what it is!