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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wish Granted

After thinking over it long and hard, Gator wished for a truck, trailer and boat. That simply was asking too much. So then he asked for a ride on a cruise boat. He still got his "boat" and his wish was GRANTED!

Mickey wrote Gator a letter telling him that he was so excited to have him come on his boat. He also got to have this neat letter from Make-A-Wish that said his wish was being granted and he ate at his very favorite "out" place. Chick-a-lay!

We topped the night off with ice cream and some wonderful gifts of a Cars themed beach towel and some water toys.

This is genuine joy here people. (OK, so maybe not for the camera happy mommy)
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Christina said...

What a fun wish! Hope you all have a wonderful experience. I want to go on a boat with Mickey!

The Simmons Family said...

Congrats on your wish buddy!!

J.B. said...

HOORAY!!! It should totally be a Caribbean cruise and you should spend a day in Dominica. I can have my own wishes, right?

The Snell Family said...

so happy! It is also so cool that Kenna's school is helping to raise the money for both our wish trips. The kids a t the assembly to just ate up Gators pic, they all wanted to hug and play with him. The kids also loved meeting Arna, and when they left the gym they stopped to say hi to her. These kids are so great. The goal is only $7000, but they are shooting for $10,000. That is only $11 per kid to get the money. I am in love with the whole school now!

Michelle said...

Congratulations, Gator! So fun!