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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gator's Wish

On the first day of Gator's Wish it was considered a travel day! We had been planning and getting excited for weeks. The packing alone for this mamma was a week long project. That morning we couldn't sleep any longer. It felt a little like Christmas. We got to the airport and through "sec-ur-it-ee" (Ry pronounced it like Bon Quee Quee. The kids did great on the plane, one of the flight attendants found out Gator was a Wish Kid and gave our whole family Ben and Jerry's Cherries Garcia ice cream.. Yummy! Daddy also found a free WIFI to use on the plane so the kids watched movies on the IPad. Gator asked a bazillion times, how many more minutes? My standard answer because in lots more. When we arrived in Florida there was a special greater at the airport that was so nice, he took us to the car rental place and helped find our "Mini-Ban of Wonder" that is what Gator called it.

This is Jay our Greeter. We safely made it to Give Kids The World. This is a special resort for kids with life threatening illness. Everything is kid friendly-mother approved. We were starved and headed over to the Ginger bread house for a spaghetti dinner. Before we could enjoy dinner we had to bathe Munchie in the sink because she had a pooptasterphie. All of our first pictures there with her, she is naked because we hadn't unpacked anything for her change into yet. After check in we went to our "Billa" or Villa. It was a castle, with two bedrooms and two baths, a kitchen, and a family room. The fridge was packed with drinks and they even put a cake in there for us to enjoy. Each night at GK they have an event. Wednesdays is Village Idol. My kids were a little too scared to go up on stage but they had plenty of the free popcorn, drinks, and pucker powder.

The next day we headed to Sea World after a pancake breakfast at the GBH! We rode rides and fed the Dolphins!. That was amazing to feel their skin and be so close to them. Ry had an incident where they said over and over not to pick up the little white trays that the fish are in. Well I dropped one of the fish and she was trying to be nice and give me one of hers and she picked up the white tray and the dolphin popped right out of the water so fast, scared us a little but other than that we were fine... Wish Kids and fams got to sit right in front at the show and Shamu did belly spins and sprayed us with water. It was soooooo hot it felt really nice.

After Sea World we went to Aquatica to cool off. It is kinda like a Raging Waters or Cherry Hill. It has water slides and Laaaaazzy rivers... It was pretty fun. So exhausted we headed back to GK but didn't want to give up on the fun because it was Thanksgiving and Christmas there. We had a yummy turkey dinner and sat on Santa's lap.. Each child even got a Christmas present! Since we were in the center of the village we decided to go to the Castle of Miracles to place Gator's special star, so that he is a part of GK forever. Then before bed we ran to the La Ti Da Spa and Ry had a quick Pamper Session. Then just because it is open so late we had ice cream, Munchie had her second blow out so we headed home to take care of that. Daddy and I put the kids to bed, folded laundry and collapsed into bed so we could Rock it again the next day.

Munchie turned 10 months on our trip, but she still couldn't ride the coasters. Dang-git! We Went to breakfast at the GBH. I love that the kids have options to choose from. There was also a bell that the kids could ring if they finished their meals. Gator was so inspired by it that he ate better there than he has in a while. We went to Disney Hollywood studios. This was one of my fave places. The Toy Story Ride was amazing. I could have done it ten times. At each park we visited we turned the sit and stand stroller into a wheelchair so that Gator could have a place to rest. Also at the parks we had something better than a fast pass. Like a super speedy pass that got you to the front of almost every ride and Character. We even saw Lightening McQueen.

We tried to go back to GK for pirates and princess night but Tropical storm Emily was rounding Florida and she brought huge amounts of rain. We bought umbrella's the day before which turned out to be a really good thing. We used them almost every night. So P&P night was cancelled do to rain. Bummer. So we went and got more ice cream, there was a volunteer from the space center there and he showed us the rocket launch from that morning and told us why stars twinkle, it was really interesting.

The kids were having the time of their lives.

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