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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dinner Theater

We took our bigger kids to a dinner theater! Gator was by far the youngest child there. I am sure he knew very little of what was happening in the love story between King Aurther, Lancellot and Guinever..... But, I think he had fun and he liked that the actors and actresses came to our table and engaged him. He got to play the fanfare with Malligot.

Ry wouldn't play in the fanfare but would dance with the "villagers" she is funny. She really really loved it. They would sing so close to you and we could talk to The Lady of the Lake! Speaking of TLOTL, she was Ry's favorite person in the play.

The food was pretty good, It would have been awesome if we could have ordered anything off the menu. But, we understand that the staff couldn't keep coming in and out during the performance. (daddy wanted all you can eat ribs...) Those Kazoo's were a hit.

This is the Jester! She had a fantastic voice while singing and a funny voice when she spoke! Gator kept checking in with me when she spoke... "that is her silly voice, huh, mom" "that voice she is doing is crazy, isn't it?" and so on... He was a little stuck on it.... Both the kids were very well behaved for a mostly mommy and daddy event. I think we might try to get some more culture every now and then.
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