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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday Dash

Sunday should be a reverent day and it usually ends up that way but starting the day out and getting to church is another story. Daddy is usually gone to church meetings by 7:00 am. This means it is my responsibility to get our three small children and myself presentable, fed, and out the door by the time church starts at 9:00 am. You would think that because our church building is only a block away that it would be easy. Before we had baby I could do it without too much drama and be a little early, now we have to go through the learning curve again. So that brings me to the last couple of Sundays.

The first time it snowed really hard I had the baby bundled and all ready for church. I know some of you are shaking your head because she needs to be all the way dressed including baby bling, but it is so cold out and we might as well be fashionable too! We are almost ready and rushing out the door when she explodes... Poopies up her back... Dang. I have to strip her down and re-dress her. Now we are really pushing it and I want to drive slow in the snow so I don't spin out and make us even more late. We get to church and the plows have just plowed the parking lot and pushed all the snow up against the side walk. I get the baby out in one arm, wrapped in her blanket with the diaper bag slung over my shoulder. Then in my other arm I grab out my song book and the other things I need for Primary singing time. I help Ry out of the car and start to carefully cross over the snow mound (she is in heals), stepping in the steps of someone before. Poor Gator made it out the door without his shoes tied, no coat (bad mom), and he just isn't tall enough and he looses his footing and falls forward. He face goes into the snow and he starts to cry. I am already carrying a bunch but I have to save my boy so I adjust the song book and reach down and grab his wrist and lift him dangling up over the snow, up the stairs and into the church. He starts to cry harder and he tells me he lost his shoe. My fault again cause I should have tied those things way back at home. I have him and Ry sit down right in the entry. I hand Ry the baby and put down all my gear and go back outside to find his shoe. It is buried somewhere in the snow pile and I can't find it. I almost give up to wait for spring. A helpful neighbor girl finds it... Whew! we get it on him and TIED and then we rush in to start to prepare for church. I think he was a little wet and cold all day.

Last Sunday we almost made it on time but I really needed to feed the baby before we left. My other two were having GoGurt and granola bars for breakfast because I just didn't time things well. I finished one side but decided she could wait for the other because she was asleep and content. We made it to church, she stayed asleep during the first hour but was really starting to get fussy for Sunday school. So I sent my 16 and 17 year old Sunday school class to help in the nursery or primary. Then I went to the mothers lounge to feed the baby. She was happy to eat and then..... She went poopies so much that she blew out of her diaper. It was up her back, down her legs and all over. As I was trying to clean it up it got in her hair and there was nothing I could do but give her a bath in the sink. She thought that was kind of fun I think. I wrapped her in her blanket and went to find daddy who took her home to find more clothes for her. I don't know how come she makes it out of her diaper. She already has moved on to size 3 so I know it isn't because they are too small.

It is a learning curve. Somethings I should know but remember now are...
-Always pack multiple outfits
-Take a bigger snack
-Get up earlier so you can leave earlier, especially in snow
-Set out all the gear you need the night before so coats and shoes are located before you head out.
-Try to bath the older two the night before so they only need to eat and dress in the morning
-Just plain old remember that it's gonna take a while to establish a routine, but before long we will get it.
-Always thank my sweet hubby on the mornings he can help cause it sure is a lot easier with two adults.

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berrymom said...

Oh Brynne that made me laugh so hard! I can totally picture the scene in front of the church in the snow!