Life with a boy and his Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum and two Super Sisters and one yummy baby brother.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

just a few signs

I wanted to get some footage of his early signs, he is really coming along with them... I am going to get a better movie of it all, I just haven't figured out how to make the movie clips all come together so I can post it. I think I explained most of his signs and words... Here is a little list of what he can say at this point. I am going to keep going with him and maybe we can become fluent together.

Please-S (sign)----- Candy/Gum-S

Thank you- S------ Bye Bye-V(vocalizes) and S

What-S------------ Ball-V

Light-S------------ Car-V (makes his zurber noise)

Shower-S---------- Cookie-S

Airplane-S---------- Eat-S

More-S------------ Drink-(baba)-V

Milk-S------------ Yucky-(caca)-V

Want-S----------- Dog-S


Angie said...

He is doing so well! I am amazed at how well he signs! What a smart handsome little guy you have!

Michele said...

So cute!! He looks like he is doing so well!! I think I would do whatever it takes to learn the sign for cookie, smart kid!

Lance and Raegan said...

He is the cutest thing ever with his pointing and then his please. Such good manners for a little guy.