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Friday, April 26, 2013

Conference weekend (back date April 5-7th)

For conference weekend we wanted to visit the "greats" in Idaho. As you know May got sick during our visit... Well she was probably sick before. I just posted about that and never posted about the good stuff.We are becoming the big family. Daddy and I were talking about that the other day. We have that large family that takes up a ton of room as guests and in restaurants. It is amazing to see our littles grow. It is becoming evident that we need space and so we decided to stay in a hotel. We booked one that had a pool. So fun!!! it also had this amazing breakfast! This was MayLee's first stay in a motel and Eden's second. Eden couldn't remember her first because she was just a teeny baby... It was so funny to have her talk about it and check out the beds... She loved that her bed was so close to mommy and daddy's bed.
May checked out the beds too! She was a huge fan.
The kids loved the pool... Gator loved the hot tub. The pool was too cold for his liking and he got purple really fast in that water.
My little fishy could have played in the pool all night long. 
Gator enjoyed conference while playing with cars...
Grandma great enjoyed it while snuggling baby!
During the morning and afternoon sessions, I took the little kids outside to get some energy out. Gator noticed that Munch's shoes where on the wrong feet. She didn't mind until she realized running is much more difficult to do when you don't have your equipment on correctly. She switched them around and was super speedy.
This baby girl is truly adored by her family... We all want her smiles and coos. She is just the sweetest, well tempered little girly. I think she likes us too.
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