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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gator's Lego Party

Gator got to have a friend party this year. Every even birthday is a friend party... It took me weeks of pinning things on Pinterest, then actually making them to get ready for his party. 
It turned out so cute in the end.
I even made the cake. Gator has always had rad cakes... Boy cakes rock!!! 
This is pin the head on the Lego guy
I made this pinata and I made it nearly indestructible. Daddy even took a swing at the the darn thing and we ended up having the kids tear it apart because they kept hitting it and not breaking it open. I got told... Pinatas are only fun if you can break them open. Sorry buddy! My thought process when duct taping it was that there would be strong little BOYS trying to break it and I didn't want the first one to break it open and not give the other boys a chance to hit it. They did find a way to the goodies inside and that was all that mattered.
Gator loves chocolate cake and ice cream... That is wild to me. I don't really care for chocolate. He asked for a chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream. He loved his huge Lego cake! 
It was such a fun party.
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