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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

I was really looking forward to Mother's Day, and my family did NOT dissapoint. Daddy made eggs and sausage, which I opted to eat with everyone in the kitchen. I miss them when I am all alone in my room. They did the clean up. Jeff didn't have church meetings, so there was a ton of help getting everyone ready and out the door for church. 
-side story-
We just got to church and everyone was filing in. Ashy was the last little person to be trudging through the parking lot. In his hands were his grahams and a package of fruit snacks. He is busy trying to open those darn fruit snacks and has stopped right in the road. There is a very nice older man who is waiting  super patient for us to get outa the way.  He is asking for me to "open it" but I need him to wait until later on in the service because I want him to practice patients and I also know he will be better later if he has incentive to behave. I tell him to wait. He wants them open "night now" and I tell him NO.. Car guy still waiting... Daddy has come back and is calling to him to come along.... NO!!! Car guy still waiting... I rush over and take the fruit snacks out of his hand (rude I know, he wasn't handing them over without a fight) to which he promptly falls to the ground.. Lays back and kicks his feet. The kind of fit reserved for candy bars being taken away.  Car guy still waiting... With my own arms full of nursery Mother's Day craft supplies and busy bag, and purse there is no grabbing my little son. Lucky for us, daddy came to the rescue, scooped up the devastated not even two year old, and carries him in. Finally, car guy can go... He smiled, probably been in this nearly exact situation.  He did eventually get his snacks, but was ticked that I opened them the wrong way and threw most of them. Some days.... Sheesh..

The kids made me beautiful gifts and cards, I especially liked May's card because she explained that my favorite food is toast, and that I think MayLee is the best at going to bed. So totally... 

We get everyone to look at the camera and yell PIZZA!!!

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Cindy said...

What a fun Mother's Day!